Friday, 28 October 2011

Some downtime in Villefranche, France

If you find yourself in Villefranche sur mer on the Cote d Azur madly studying the French language  (as suggested in my previous post) here are a few of my favourite spots to rest your weary self during your down time.

Head to Plage de Passable's private beach (here)

You can walk here from Villefranche in around 45  minutes, heading onto the peninsula of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

I cannot advise you as to the quality of the food here having only tasted their pizza for lunch,  but I can say that at night in particular the romantic setting alone should make it more than worthwhile, the twinkling lights of Villefranche from the quiet sandy / pebbly beach cove is definitely enticing. (If you don't have your own car, taxis are available between the beach and Villefranche, buses also run during the day and early evening).

On your way to the beach and just before you arrive you will come across a sign pointing out the magnificent Villa and gardens of Ephrussi de Rothschild   (here), do not walk past this beautiful and fascinating peak into the life of the aristocracy during the early 20th Century. You will most certainly be hard pressed to find any gardens more gorgeous than these in the world.  I have visited many times, and never tire of it, the views from the private suites of the Villa are so dreamy and romantic its hard not to float off into some sort of reverie, pure magic.

Paloma Beach

One more beach on the Peninsuala that I love is Paloma, (maybe not in high season on a Sunday) as I found out on my last visit, having been squeezed in like a sardine between a VERY 'happy' birthday boy and his friends and family and a very vocal and boisterous italian family! Once again I can only attest to the pizza,  but I have heard good things about Paloma's food. The beach area itself is lovely and well protected and the setting, well once, yes, south of France gorgeous! Paloma beach website here

Paloma is a little further away from Villefranche than Plage de Passable but take the route passing through St Jean-Cap-Ferrat the town, and its probably only a 10 to 15 minute walk on from there.

Millie xx

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