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Two of my greatest passions in life are travel and photography. For me, there is nothing quite as exciting or liberating as jumping onto a train, plane, or into a car with my camera.

After decades of traveling to France from Australia and dreaming of living there, I made my dream into a reality some six years ago.

While surrounded daily by the historical and cultural beauty of Europe, my already established love of photography moved to another level and I moved to Florence, Italy, to study and rediscover the magic of film and the darkroom.

Currently I divide my life happily between Europe and Australia, and consider myself extremely privileged to be able to enjoy 'the best of both worlds’. While doing this, I would like to share with you some of the special places, people and experiences I encounter along the way.

My journeys have also been the inspiration for a series of boxed notecards 'A French Journey' and 'An Italian Journey', (also available as prints). I hope they bring pleasure to the people who love these two wonderful countries as much as I do.


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