Saturday, 19 November 2011

International Three Day Event comes to town

Quick hop and a skip and I'm in Adelaide taking photos of their annual International Three day Event.

For me, Camera + Horses = Bliss

This event is the largest and most important Three Day Event in the Southern Hemisphere and attracts riders and horses from all over the world.

Adelaide is a great venue for this event, it may be a small city (nothing wrong with that)!, but it has so much at it's many other cities of the world could host a four star three day event only a minutes walk from their city centre, set amongst beautiful gums and olive groves.

A Three day Event is comprised funnily enough of three events, each one being held on an individual day.  Dressage on the first, Cross country on the second (today) and show jumping on the third. It is a grueling test for both horse and rider and makes for a great spectator sport. 

These beautiful animals are truly extraordinary, their grace, sheer guts, and beauty never cease to amaze me and I could watch them all day, so tomorrow that is exactly what I intend to do.....again.

Millie xx

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