Saturday, 31 December 2011

Was Buddha a God?

I found this question on an internet site devoted to Buddhism, and I have to admit to having not known  the answer... that, in fact, he was not (and is not).

This piqued my interest immediately.  How many people over the course of history have died (and continue to die) fighting for 'their god', believing that theirs is the only one that matters, that only 'their God' can have the answers.  In saying this I do understand and know that there are of course many wonderful people doing wonderful work in the name of their religion and their God all over the world and have done so for centuries.

Personally, I have avoided organised religion for all of my life. My travels to Laos however has awakened a desire to learn more about the religion of Buddhism.

Who would not want to know about a way of life that teaches goodness and love. Who would not want to be surrounded by people who live their lives in this way, whose goodness is palpable.  I defy anyone who finds themselves in this type of environment to not be affected by this goodness (no matter how little time they are in it).

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One of the greatest gifts that came to me during my short time in Laos was meeting and getting to know a very special Novice Monk, a beautiful boy, who has been in his monastery from the age of 11. Whose every single morning starts at 4am with prayer and meditation, who at 6am moves out in procession with the other Novices and Monks from his temple into the streets of Luang Prabang for the alms giving, and in doing so  receives his breakfast from the generous and early rising locals who line the streets of this town every morning of the week. Whose last meal of the day before alms the next morning is at 12.30 pm.  

There is pride in everything he does, his zest for learning is enormous and his love for his country, his family, and his fellow man great.  

I thank him for helping to open up to me a new and exciting journey.  Khawp jai lai lai (the prettiest thank you of any language).


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©copyright Millie Brown 2011

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