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My family - by Novice Sichanh

© Copyright Novice Sichanh 2012
Sichanh's family picking rice at their farm
Photo - Novice Sichanh

Those of you who have read my previous blogs regarding my visit to Laos will know that one of my most poignant and special moments was meeting Novice Monk Sichanh.

© Copyright Millie Brown 2012
Novice Sichanh

Since my departure from Laos and my return home, Sichanh and I have been in regular contact. It is not everyday that you connect with someone as strongly as Sichanh and I did, it certainly is not a daily event for me in any case, nor would I necessarily want it to be. The rarity of special connections only makes them exactly that....all the more special.

When we were chatting the other day he mentioned that he would like to write a story about his family for my blog. Sichanh studies English every night after school for one hour and writing an essay is a great opportunity for him to practice and improve his writing skills.

Only a few days prior to this he had sent me some photos he had taken of his family at their rice farm which is located a few of hours outside of Luang Prabang.

Sichanh does not own his own camera, but waits patiently for the one camera that exists at the Luang Prabang town library to become available, and uses it to the best of his ability when it joyfully becomes 'his' for a couple of days.

© Copyright Novice Sichanh 2012
Photo Novice Sichanh

Not only was I excited that he had taken the time to send these precious photos to me, as well as moved at having had a 'meeting' of sorts with his family,  but I was also truly impressed by his natural ability to compose an image. Sichanh has only ever picked up a camera a handful of times in his 18 years. I hope he has many more opportunities, and in fact I look forward to sharing my love of photography and discovery with him when next we meet.

© Copyright Novice Sichanh 2012
My father Dunagkeo working at our rice farm
Photo Novice Sichanh

My Family
My father's name is Dunakeo and he is from the ethnic group called Lue.  
He was born in 1959 in a small village in the Laos countryside and now he is living in Na Yang in the province of Luang Prabang.

© Copyright Novice Sichanh 2012
Rice farming is very hard work 
Photo Novice Sichanh
He is a farmer and is married, his wife's name (my mother) is Yaz and she is also a farmer and is 48 years old.
They live in a small house in the countryside and have been married for almost 29 years (they married when they were young).
My father and mother have 4 children and my mother is a very kind and friendly woman and my father loves  her very much.  She is quite short and thin and has long straight black hair.

© Copyright Novice Sichanh 2012
My Mother Yaz 
Photo Novice Sichanh

After breakfast they walk to their farm and work there until the evening when they go back to their house.  They work everyday and it is hard work but sometimes they enjoy it because their cousins come to help them and then they can talk about things and joke together.

© Copyright Novice Sichanh 2012
The family resting and enjoying a break from work on the farm.
 Photo Novice Sichanh

Sometimes they plant vegetables on their farm and sell them to make a little extra money for their everyday living.
In their free time, they like to stay in their farmhouse. 

© Copyright Novice Sichanh 2012
Taking a break in the field 
Photo Novice Sichanh

Thank you Sichanh for having shared your family story and photos with us and congratulations on the wonderful progress you are making with your English.

Millie xx

Please note these photos are copyrighted, please do not download, thank you.

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