Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Adelaide, South Australia; a city of great wine and food

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I am leaving Australia in a few weeks, and have many things to accomplish before I step onto the tarmac; all of the above are my excuses for having been a little tardy with my posting lately!  So here is a quick and easy one!

Adelaide is my post today; a city in the south of Australia known for its churches (however, to this day I have never worked out why exactly), and more understandably for its wonderful food and wine.  Here are some of the restaurants I enjoy when I am there.

For some of the BEST Italian you will find anywhere in Australia, and impeccable and warm service 
160 Hutt Street
2 mins from the CBD

More fabulous Italian food
92 - 94 King William Road
Hyde Park
5 mins from the CBD

Italian again!
A more casual option than Chianti or Assaggio
138 King William Road
Hyde Park

375 Greenhill Road
Toorak Gardens
7 mins from CBD

 In gorgeous Stirling (Adelaide Hills)
52 Mount Barker Road
Only 15 minutes from CBD

Not much is far from the CBD of Adelaide as you can tell! 

Bon Appétit

Millie x

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