Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Bordeaux countryside & La Forge; one beautiful house for rent

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La Forge

France is made up of many beautiful regions (22 in all), each one with its own unique character, history and beauty.

The Bordeaux wine region (south west) is one of France's most beautiful as well as being one of its best known, and why wouldn't it be; the countryside itself is breathtaking, it grows some of the world's best wines and the climate is temperate (being situated close to the Atlantic coast).

If any of you readers out there happen to have the first 2 weeks of August free and want to unwind, relax and live the 'life', I have a very lovely idea. 

Head to the Bordeaux region.... and to this divine French country house 'La Forge' , it's situated only 12 kms from the World Heritage listed medieval town of St Emilion, 30 kms  from the World Heritage listed city of Bordeaux , and an hour from the beach....not to mention the many world renowned wine estates just waiting for you on your doorstep (accessible by bike, car or foot).

So pack your bags, jump on the plane, train, bus or car and live the 'French life'.

Bon voyage 

Millie xx

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