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Anjuna Plage Privée & Papaya Beach, Cote d Azur, France

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Anjuna Private Beach

The Cote d Azur, France, has many private beaches along its shoreline, and I'm a big fan! 

However, when I say private, don't be thinking that you will be the only one enjoying the beach, far from it in fact...but you will at least be sharing it in comfort. 

Want a sun bed... you got it, problem, glass of rosé and something to munch on....only minutes away.  Fancy a spot of water sport....take your pick!

Eze sur Mer is a small quiet beach situated on the Riviera between Cap Ferrat and Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. It has two private beaches to choose from, neither of them pretentious or precious, both have a relaxed and low key feel to them, and this is exactly what I love about them, (I am not your bling bling yacht type of girl)!

At Anjuna there is only one row of sunbeds, so there is nothing between you and the water (except for a few pebbles) and this means no stepping around are literally 2 meters from the waters edge. 

Note of caution; the pebbles on the seabed can get slippery, so to make your water entry a little more gracious wear some reef slippers (both my mother and father can attest to that)! Personally.... I find an ungracious entry much more fun to capture with the camera!

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Love these faces from Plage Anjuna

The atmosphere and amenities of these two private beaches are not the only attributes I love; the creativity and thought that has gone into the decoration of each of them makes them quite special. 

Anjuna Plage Privéè has a more eclectic slant to its decoration than Plage Papaya, and is re-decorated every year to co-incide with the start of the summer season.

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Plage Papaya at Eze sur Mer beach

Anjuna Plage rent out sunbeds and umbrellas for half or full days during the week and full days only on the weekends.

Papaya Beach gives full day as well as half day rates for both weekends and weekdays. Bookings by phone or in person (not email).

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Attention to detail at Papaya beach & Anjuna Plage

Parents, you can relax at both these beaches with a good sized swimming area under surveillance at all times and netting to protect bathers from jelly fish.

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Both of these private beaches offer non stop food during the day, either on the beach or in the restaurant. If you can make it for dinner to Anjuna, its hard to top the setting....simply drop dead gorgeous, with no exageration!  Good food and perfect service, the staff are a delight.

I haven't as yet dined at Papaya Beach  so I can't comment on their food, except to say that the setting would undoubtedly be just as stunning, (situated only a matter of 20 metres from Anjuna Plage). I have however spent a great day on their beach.

(PS Dinner at Anjuna, my nephews highly recommend the beef burger with foie gras, served with fries).

Piece of Advice
If you are heading for a private beach on a weekend I recommend you make a quick telephone call and reserve your sunbeds in advance (the day before or the same morning).

So, if a quiet chill out day on a mediterranean beach is what you are after, you'll love this corner of the French riviera.

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Millie x


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