Thursday, 2 August 2012

8 hours in Bordeaux, France

Strolling and visiting the World Heritage listed city of Bordeaux, France, is an absolute pleasure.

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The gorgeous Grand Théatre situated in Place de la Comedie
 built between 1773 and 1780
by the French architect Victor Louis

The exhibition 'La Route du Baroque' is currently on at the Grand Théatre (13 July to 2 September 2012), and it's worth getting a ticket just to be able to wander around the beautiful interior and see the auditorium at your leisure.

Have lunch or afternoon tea in the elegant Café Opera (photo above) inside or on the arcaded terrace.

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For me it was lunch at something a little more casual.
 La Boulangerie de l'Hotel de Ville

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Fun and games at Maurice Verdeun.
This shop is a young and old boy's paradise, full of model cars in every size and make, as well as model trains, planes and boats and every other toy in between.  Situated in the Gallerie Bordelaise.

© Copyright Millie Brown 2012

It seems fire engine red is everywhere in Bordeaux.


12 Cours du XXX Juillet
(near the Place de la Comedie)

Le Grand Theatre
 Place de la Comedie

Exhibition 'La Route du Baroque'
13th July to September 2nd

Café Opera
Place de la Comedie

Maurice Verdeun
36 Galeries Bordelaises

La Boulangerie de l'hotel de Ville
rue 3 Conils

Shopping Streets

rue St Catherine
rue Voltaire
rue Franklin
Cours de l'Intendance


Place de la Bourse
Place Sainte-Colombe
Place du Palais
Place Fernand-Lafargue
Place saint-Michel

 To Visit

Porte Cailhau
Cathédral Saint-André & Tour Pey-Berland
Basilique et flech Saint-Michel
Eglise Notre Dame
Palais de  la Bourse
Botanical Gardens
Natural History Museum
Centre Jean Moulin
Musée des Beaux-Arts

This is a city known for its architectural beauty and peaceful and shaded squares, making it a perfect city to visit on foot. However there is also a great tramway system  to help move you from place to place if your travel weary feet need a break.

I hope all of you get to spend at least one day in this most beautiful of cities, Bordeaux.

Millie x

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