Thursday, 20 December 2012

Life is a tub of raspberries...... and cherries; Adelaide hills, Australia


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Mr Collins comes in from the field with some raspberries for us.

Cherries and raspberries in Australia are at their best in December and so what better way to enjoy them than FRESH, straight off the bush or tree.

We are lucky in South Australia to have such wonderful produce so close to the actual city of Adelaide. One has only to travel 30 to 45 minutes to be in the heart of the apple, cherry and raspberry districts.

The price of rasbberries in Australia can make people think twice about making their own jam with this delicious fruit. However, if you visit Les and Audrey Collins, Orchadists in Summertown in the Adelaide hills, you can purchase raspberries that have been put away for this express purpose, and are cheaper. The sole reason that they are tagged as 'jam' raspberries is that they are less elegant looking (a little more squished) but equally delicious.  Being a lover of raspberry jam this was an exciting find!

They also have the 'perfect' looking raspberries and silver berries for your plate.

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Sam busy picking silver berries and raspberries

You don't PYO at the Collins' orchard, Sam from Wales is doing a brilliant job of that.  

Les & Audrey Collins
Collins Road
Ph 8390 3240
(also grow apples, cherries & pears).


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For PYO cherries, head to Stella Creek, only another 20 minutes or so on from Summertown and 30 minutes from Adelaide.

Rows and rows of magnificent cherry trees greet you on your arrival. Head to the shed, grab your bucket (and for the busy Christmas period a hot sausage in bread at the sausage sizzle stand), before heading out to the orchard.

Not only do you get to go home with gorgeous fresh cherries but you get them at a much lesser cost than you would find at either the green grocers or the market. 

Make cherry jam, pickle them and serve with duck, freeze them for the colder months, or munch on them fresh.

Quick easy dessert for any time of the year.....

For a quick easy dessert at any time of the year place cherries (leave the pips in) on a tray and freeze. When completely frozen, take them out and cryovac and place back in the freezer.  They will make their very own sweet and delicious juice. Serve them with icecream.

178 Plummers Road
Forest Range
Ph: 08 8389 8572

Wishing you all a very happy and safe Christmas.

Millie x

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  1. Merry Christmas and may 2013 bring you all you wish for! F x


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