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Dance & Arts Festivals 2012

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Flamenco at Corral de la Moreria Madrid 

Classical ballet, flamenco, tango, modern, I love them all. I can't dance to save myself but I could watch any genre of dance for hours on end, and I do.

I have only ever tested my dancing skills in ballet and flamenco, and a one night  quick lesson of tango.  Besides the odd dance here and there my two most recent dance experiences were poles apart.

One experience being a little more successful than the other....the successful episode was a night learning the tango on the banks of the Seine on a warm summer evening. You see I had 'scored' quite unexpectedly as my partner a guy who just happened to be a dance instructor while my gorgeous friend Susan, a professional and very talented dancer had 'scored' herself quite possibly the worst male dancer of the evening! So while she was being quite literally thrown up, down and around, I was slowly regaining my confidence and making moves I never knew I could! 

© Coyright Millie Brown 2012
A night of Dance in the Piazza della Signoria, Florence 

From that moment on I promised myself that I would take the time for dancing classes, that maybe I wasn't a total lost cause on the dance floor. So, ambitiously I skipped myself over to the Centre of dance in the Marais (Centre de dance du Marais) here for another try at ballet.  How hard could it be I heard myself saying...I'm fit I told myself..... I wasn't that bad at it (when I was 12)... I kept thinking.

......And so it was here that I was completely and utterly humiliated by women twice my age. I literally crawled home unable to walk normally again for nearly a week (not an exaggeration I am sorry to say), one and a half hours on a parquetry floor with no mat and half an hour at the bar will do that to you if you are not 'ballet' fit.....I never returned!

So much more comfortable sitting in the theatre watching the pros.  I love nothing more than an evening of dance and I know I am not alone there, so here are a few of the dance / arts festivals happening this year for all of you who love this beautiful art form as much as I do. (Some of these events include workshops and others are purely performance only).

February 27 - March 4

March 9 - 12

March 9 - 11

February 24 - March 18

March 2 - 18

April 8 - 14

May 5 - 6

May 11 - 26

April 23 - May 19

June 21 - 24

June 23 - July 19

June 25 - July 21

July 7 - 15

July 7 - 28

August 8 - 18

August 16 - September 2

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© Copyright Millie Brown 2012
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