Saturday, 11 February 2012

Mauvais Président.....and protest marches in Paris

© Copyright Millie Brown 2012
I found this image while going through my archive tonight, it is from the year 2008 and it reminded me of the great photo opportunity that the endless protest marches in Paris provide, and I admit to enjoying getting amongst it all with my camera.

I remember the first large protest I came across,  a sea of people was streaming down Boulevard Beaumarchais from  Place de la République on its way to Place de la Bastille.  I unfortunately didn't have my camera on me and was simply on my way to the supermarket.  Just negotiating the crossing  was an experience in itself and in doing so I was surprised to notice that everyone seemed to be in good spirits and pretty much enjoying themselves.  I have a feeling that some Parisians quite simply love a good march! 

I am not sure what you think about involving children in the adult world of political demonstrations, I know what I think.  I do wonder when I look at this photo how much this boy knows of President Sarkozy and his policies (then again the same question could be asked of many adults too I am sure). Food for thought in any case.

By the way the literal translation of his placard is bad President.

Millie x

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